The Adblock Wars

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The Adblock Wars

Post by chege » Sun Feb 10, 2019 3:28 pm

Ad blockers were on notice since at least 2012 that the blocking version of Chrome's webrequest API would be going away. Six. Years.The "uproar" is just to fire people up to keep the crap API instead of finding a better way.The reason it sucks is it destroys Chrome's performance because just having a registered handler causes every net request to bounce several processes (sandboxing). Just the IPCs and context switches alone are a big hit.

When WPT would use the extension API to modify headers it would add a minimum of 10% to the load times (more on faster connections). Ad blockers using the API make perf worse in the general case but make up for it from the blocked ads.The Chrome team has worked with devs for years to migrate to apis that don't have the same architectural problems but most had no reason to since the old apis still worked but you can only kick the can down the road so far.The Chrome team has always been good about staying true to the web and users and not special-case anything Google. I get that it makes for good headlines but that's a disservice to the real reasons for the changes they make.

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