Some thoughts and a personal investment thesis In Relation To Bitcoin:

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Some thoughts and a personal investment thesis In Relation To Bitcoin:

Post by kim » Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:19 pm

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Some thoughts and a personal investment thesis In Relation to Bitcoin:

1. Hodling Bitcoin and running a full node is currently the best form of cryptographically-enforced financial sovereignty (thus financial anarchy) that can be attained by the average person, regardless of geolocation.The definition of "anarchy" is somewhat vague, but generally it's considered a, "state of leaderlessness."The way to achieve this with regard to personal financial soverignty is through two mechanisms specifically:

a. Possession of private keys on a chain that maintains the store of value characteristic.

b. Running a full node.

3. Anyone who argues against the the former and advocates spend/replace as a better approach is arguing that financial sovereignty is predicated on MOE rather than SOV, while ignoring the security trade-offs that come in tow with that optimization.

4. Anyone who argues the later says that you can't reject blocks and thus miners are the sole source of truth, but that doesn't matter when it comes to the need to validate your own tx's. It's inconsequential who creates the valid block that contains your conf'd tx.

5. The simple reason to run a full(y validating) node is that it makes it possible to verify that the transactions you participate in are also part of the global transaction consensus.

6. There is nothing magical about this and that's why it's so controversial, because it's hard to trick people into screwing themselves over when there's an easy way to protect your own self-interest.

7. There are many charlatans in the world of Bitcoin, but fortunately the combination of a revolutionary idea and so much amazing open source work that's taken place has yielded a true force to be reckoned with.

8. You try to claim you're the creator and you will get rekt.

You try to piggyback on the name and you will get rekt.

You try to slather on your bullshit narrative and make people use it in a way other than they should and you will get rekt.

9.This is why Bitcoin is financial anarchy; no matter who tries to impose their will it always self-corrects back to a leaderless state.So as long as BTC maintains its dual-value prop and stays true to its cryptoanarchy roots it's worth acquiring and hodling.

thanks for reading

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