Tips on Drop Shipping

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Tips on Drop Shipping

Post by kim » Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:23 pm

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~~ 22 Mistakes Most Shopify Dropshipping Stores Make ~~

I’m no Shopify guru, but I’ve have worked with, and have advised hundreds of profitable Shopify stores (and have owned 5+ myself). Here are the most common mistakes likely costing you sales:

#1 - REVIEWS: *Must* for every Shopify store. It’s the 1st place most customers look when deciding to buy a product.Don’t have any?Use an app like Loox to import reviews from Aliexpress to your store. Not just 5 stars either (looks unnatural) - have a few 4 stars or lower.

#2 - HIGH QUALITY Images: Delete low resolution photos (HUGE *turn off* for customers). Add ones where your product is *in use*. Esp important for problem-solving products.NEVER have watermarked photos or ones with Chinese logos (pay a Fiverr guy to remove).#2.5 - Use reverse image search on your main product photos to find other stores selling the same product… and see if you can find higher quality photos that way

#3 - Speaking of problem solving products…

Focus on ones that solve a REAL issue your niche has. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated - Jordan Welsh made ~6 figures off a simple multi-container lunch box… by marketing it as “pack a healthy lunch”

#4 - CONSISTENCY: This is BIG. If you have “100 product sale”, make sure the #’s being shown on the product page are a lot fewer.If you’re selling a luxury product… make sure your site looks luxury (no tacky countdown timers and pop ups)

#5 - COUNTDOWN TIMERS: Customers are getting more savvy, and these shouldn’t always be used…

But if you do use them, DO NOT:

- Set them for too long away (more than 6 hours)
- Set them for an even time (3 hours 0 minutes remaining!)

#6 - POWERED BY SHOPIFY: Just remove this. Go to Theme -> Languages -> Search for “powered by” and replace with an empty space _

#7 - NICHE DOWN: If you’re selling phone cases… don’t randomly add a teddy bear to a collection.Focus on a niche (even a broad one like “the outdoors”), and you’ll make better sales.If advanced, a general “amazon-style” store can work, but first start with a niche.

#8 - PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS: Do not, under any circumstances, publish products with the default Aliexpress descriptions. It’s an instant “close-tab” for the customer.Note: I can help with this, see link bottom of thread.

#9 - FEMALE FRIENDS: If you’re a guy selling to women, always ask a few female friends to look over your ads & store. They think differently, and can point out major flaws that would kill your sales.“I don’t know what I would wear this with”“This doesn’t look trustworthy”

#10 - FEMALE FRIENDS Part 2: If you don’t have an eye for color & style… ask them to go over your website and make sure all colors stay consistent. Pick a few colors only. Use the same filter for your IG photos.


If your shipping time is long… say“Due to a huge wave of social media attention and shortage of products, they may take 10-20 days to arrive”Complicated product?“Here’s a few easy steps on how to use this product:”

#12 - PRODUCT IMAGES: Get photo resizer app to make sure all your photo images are square (free first 150 images), and use image optimizer app to reduce page loading time by making oversized images smaller


Add a privacy policy, terms and conditions, & about us page to your store (generate basic ones in Shopify settings).Featuring a phone number to your Shopify store helps as well, especially for high end products. (use phone redirecting service)

#14 - TRUST BADGES: Search “Shopify trust badge”, and add them to your product pages. Don’t add the same one everyone else has… add one that fits your store & looks professional. Do it in your theme code under the CTA button

#15 - SPY ON YOUR COMPETITORS: Many people still miss this one somehow - look up other sellers of the product (reverse image search), and find the big stores in your niche… then take inspiration & use it for your own stores

#16 - NEW FEATURE IN FB: Go to ANY page that’s running ads… click “info and ads” on the left side, and you can see the ACTIVE ads they currently have.Don’t know how to structure FB Ads?
Learn for free using this.Example page: Inspire Uplift

#17 - UPSELL & Maximize Customer Lifetime Value: Most treat customers like a one night stand. Don’t do this.Give a SUPER discount code in an email after their first order. Offer bundles. Treat them like Gold. Much easier to sell to an existing customer than a new one.

#18 - QUANTITY BREAKS: Want to increase your average order value by 10-25% in a few minutes of work?Add the app “Quantity Breaks” and offer discounts for multiple products (where it makes sense).

#19 - ABANDONED CART EMAILS: You’re leaving huge money on the table if you aren’t using them. Send an email 1 hour after, 6 hours, 24 and 48 to capture as many as possible back to your store (can offer a discount code in last 2 emails to increase chances).

#20 - Turn your winning product into a REAL Sales Funnel using Clickfunnels - Create a legit landing page (not just a Shopify product page), then Upsell, OTO, Downsell… And boost your conversions.
#Done - Whew, that’s a lot of tips. Be sure to APPLY them if you want to truly benefit.

- Always, always go with an emotional appeal, targeted towards an insecurity if possible (hard to fit in your favorite jeans?)

#22 - Use less words. It's not a long form sales letter, it's a 2-minute buy

thanks for reading.find me on twitter

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