A Collection Of Discoveries Made in The Last Couple of Weeks.

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A Collection Of Discoveries Made in The Last Couple of Weeks.

Post by faith » Sat Jan 04, 2020 5:42 pm

Hey all

First of all Happy New Year and welcome to a brand new 2020.Hope you are doing great.Below are articles about discoveries made all over the world,in the last couple of weeks.Enjoy and be awwwwd!!!!!

1. Bermuda Triangle mystery SOLVED? How researcher uncovered ‘nasty’ 18th century discovery

2. Artifact discovered at John Dillinger's home

3. Lost City Discovered Beneath Ethiopia Was Once a Pillar of The Legendary Aksum Empire

4. Egypt: 'Astonishingly rare' discovery in Tutankhamun’s burial chamber exposes shock plot

5. Archaeology shock: Evidence of ‘rare’ mass gatherings of ancient Irish Pagans discovered

6. Nativity Scene Discovered Beneath 16th-Century Painting of John the Baptist’s Beheading

7. wildlife discovered in 2019: from leaf like lizards, venomous vipers to human sized leaves

8. Dazzling 'Temple of Colored Marbles' Honoring Roman God Discovered in Italy

9. Rare footage from 1929 expedition to Mount Athos discovered at Princeton University

10. New monkey discovered on “island” amid deforestation in Brazil

11. Scientists have discovered the world’s oldest forest—and its radical impact on life

12. Oldest Known Seawall Discovered Along Submerged Mediterranean Villages

13. The World's Oldest 'Fossil Forest' Was Just Discovered in New York State

14. Archaeologists Have Discovered the World’s Oldest Illustrated Book in an Ancient Egyptian Burial Site

15. Secret 'piggy bank' of 1,200-year-old gold coins discovered in Israel

16. Maya Palace Discovered Deep in the Mexican Jungle

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Re: A Collection Of Discoveries Made in The Last Couple of Weeks.

Post by ericnyamu » Mon Oct 12, 2020 11:48 am

thanks for the post faith.

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