Kenyan History 2

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Kenyan History 2

Post by kim » Fri Jul 06, 2018 9:14 am


Her name is "Wangu wa Makeri".

She lived between 1856 and 1915. She was the first Kikuyu Woman to become a sub-chief (Headman) in Murang'a against all traditions of male rule under colonial government. Given her newly acquired power, she became the first toxic feminist that undermined men and imprisoned others for minor offenses.

At the age of 53, she participated in a male dance called Kibata while naked (must have been disgusting) and lost her job.

I think this is where the culture of rogue Kikuyu Women started.... Up to this day, they can whore as they like. In another angle, we can say she fought for the role of a woman in society, by proving that women can do greater roles such as leadership and law enforcement.

She is an inspiration to many and a shame to others.

Wait there is More, Chief Karuri, the Akukudanger of that time, used to visit Wangu for a bootycall.... Story for another day [the origin of kuiyithia]

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