On Tom Mboya

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On Tom Mboya

Post by kim » Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:39 am

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Levin Opiyo

On this day 49 years ago, a gunman fired at Mboya as he stood framed in the doorway of Chani's Chemists talking to Mrs Chani.As Mboya collapsed into the hands of Mrs Chani, the assassin dashed around his parked white Mercedes Benz and disappeared in the busy street.Confused , Mrs Chani poured water on Mboya's face as she waited for the ambulance to arrive. Some minutes later ,Dr Rafiq Chaudry, who was a friend to the Chanis arrived and began resuscitating Mboya as crowds gathered.Women wept when the ambulance finally arrived and took away Mboya.Being a Saturday, only one senior nurse was manning the Accident and Emergency department when the ambulance arrived . At first she didn't realise it was Mboya, and when she finally did, she rushed around summoning doctors.A European doctor arrived and began examining Mboya. After failing to find a pulse he folded his stethoscope and walked away.

It was obvious Mboya was dead.As news of the assassination spread across Nairobi , hundreds of Mboya supporters stormed the hospital, broke windows and forced their way into the A&E department.Christopher Kiprotich who was the MP for Kericho and a close ally of Mboya, urged cabinet ministers to express their anger by resigning.A police van arrived one hour later and took Mboya's body to City Motuary where a post mortem was carried out by Dr Rogoff at 4.30 pmThe pathologist found two bullet wounds in Mboya's body. One was in the upper left chest just below the collarbone. As the bullet penetrated Mboya's body it was deflected by the first rib in a downwards direction, passed through a small area of lung tissue infront of the aorta, then tore an irregular hole in the arch of the aorta.It then passed through the lung and back wall of the chest where it got lodged under the skin.The second bullet wound was in the right upper chest . The bullet went through the musles above the right collarbone and shattered the bones of the right shoulder. No serious damage to internal organs was caused by this bullet. It was found behind the shoulder blade and carefully retrieved.

The immediate effect of the first bullet wound was profound loss of blood into the chest cavity causing collapse of the lung, displacement of the organs of the chest to the right and acute cardiac embarrassment.The cause of death was given as acute haemorrhage as a result of the first bullet.
The two bullets were all marked, "Gaco 38 special" mostly used for target practice.

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